It's time to put the BL in BLock­Chain*

*not really
“I thought by shipping my OTP I was just promoting unhealthy power dynamics, but now I can destroy the environment too!**”
— A satisfied customer whose screen name can't be displayed on a promotional website
**again, not really.

—How it Works—

Choose a Pairing
Choose two (or more!) of your faves from our carefully handcrafted list of fictional AND non-fictional characters.
Name your Price
How much is exclusive ownership of this OTP—or, we don't judge, NOTP—worth to you?
Receive a ship ownership certificate straight in your inbox! 100% environmentally friendly, guaranteed.


In the FujoVerse, NFT stands for Not Fucking Those. As purveyors of ethical entrepreneurship, we always aim to set our love for The Once-ler aside and carefully weigh the externalities of our choices.

This is why we've decided to go back to the basics: an external credit card payment processor and a SQL database are all we need to bring you the very first ship marketplace. Oh, and of course, a copy of AO3's Selective Data Dump for Fan Statisticians.

Look, the blockchain being ~evil~ is not a good reason to pass on a great joke. If putting ships on an actual blockchain was morally viable, they'd already be there.

I see the NFT parody isn't lost on you.

Buy a Once-ler dakimakura *coffs* I mean. Pay contractors to help us develop our sites. Commission more Boba-tan art. Buy more boba to keep our founder hydrated while coding.

Absolutely nothing.

No reason. I'm sure you don't mind if that other person ends up owning your OTP. We're all reasonable people here, and we don't care about petty things like who spent money on a meaningless certificate issued by a joke website.

My only absolutely, 100%, I-stake-my-computer-science-degree-on-it guarantee is that your data and payment info are indeed secure. All I store is a handy reference to Stripe's transaction details.

But are the pictures of your favorite characters on the selection screen actually of them? Is your certificate going to be for sure delivered and not lost to the ether because of an error? Is it impossible for a very dedicated person to set up a script to automatically buy everything wholesale for $1? Boy, I sure hope so.

If you encounter any problem, don't hesitate to contact me.

I am so glad you asked! The FujoVerse™ is an eclectic collection of projects related to coding, community and fandom on the web that may or may not create a sustainable ecosystem one day. You can learn more about it on our founder's blog.

  • The beautiful Bitcoin-senpai x Ethereum-kun spread is by the amazing SpillingDown
  • The outstanding "Bobatan browsing AO3" piece is by the incredible ymske_art
  • The striking "Stonks" Bobatan, like all official BobaBoard's emojis, are by the incomparable Slogbait
  • The divine KabeDoun-Bets Bobatan is by the magnificient Cante & Julien.